St. Agatha Faith Reason & Astronomy (SAFRA)

"Many things greater than these lie hidden, for I have seen but few of His works" (Sirach 43:32)

The St. Agatha Faith, Reason & Astronomy group (SAFRA) was formed by Charlie Geiger in 2003. His interest in a dialogue with the Vatican on faith and astronomy began a long-term relationship with Fr. Chris Corbally, the vice director of the Vatican Observatory.

SAFRA received a $5,000 grant to purchase equipment for teleconferencing with the Vatican. Additionally it purchased
an 11” Celestron computerized telescope and a couple of 8” Dobsonian telescopes as well as several smaller donated telescopes, these belong to St. Agatha.

SAFRA produces a monthly newsletter, The New Starry Messenger and meets once a month with the purpose of engaging in a faith and science dialogue with Fr. Corbally,
and other professional astronomers at the Vatican. Charlie Geiger and his wife, Joanne travelled to Rome, met Fr. Corbally and visited the observatory, which is now located
at Castel Gandolfo, the Pope’s summer residence.