St. Agatha Alumni Celebrate 65 Years

By Christine Pashley Originally printed in the Centennial Cookbook, 2011


Dorothy Wright Volk had no idea when she started first grade at St. Agatha Catholic School that the boy sitting across from her would become her future husband. Nor could she have imagined that they would be married for 64 years. He was in the second grade with her brother when the two grades shared a classroom in 1930. At that age, she never thought that the school would play such an important role in her life.

“My husband Tom was a friend of my brother’s and they stayed friends for many years. He never really talked to me during grade school or high school,” said Volk, 87. “But, if he hadn’t become my brother’s friend at St. Agatha I would never have fallen in love with him after high school. I’ve always felt a connection with St. Agatha.”

Volk married her husband in 1946 in St. Agatha Catholic Church. They have seven children and have been married
65 years. On the opposite page are the Volks in their class photo when Dorothy was in the 7th grade and Tom was
in 8th grade.