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St. Agatha Catholic School's Response to COVID-19 school closures

When the governor announced school closures, St Agatha Catholic School faculty and staff got to work.

  • We made sure every student had the technology they needed in order to continue learning at all.

  • We continue to provide learning Support Services through Zoom to the students who need support. 

  • Friday's serve as a catch-up day, and allows faculty and staff to meet together through on a weekly basis to check in, reassess what's working, 

St. Agatha Catholic School's Virtual Learning in the News

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"I was very impressed by how St Agatha School pivoted quickly to online learning in these difficult times. My kids are thriving!"

- St. Agatha Parent of a preschooler

"So many of my friends have their kids in public schools, and it took them over a month to get digital learning up and running. You guys have done a great job helping our kids"

- St. Agatha Parent of an elementary student

"My daughter has been doing a great job and enjoys the daily Zoom calls."

- St. Agatha Parent of a middle schooler

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