St. Agatha Catholic School development is a community wide mission of expanding our enrollment, maintaining a solid connection with alumni, solidifying a bond between school and parish, building a strong financial reserve to ensure the long-term future success of the school and bridge the gap between the actual costs of educating a student and what we receive from tuition.

The Friends of St. Agatha was founded in 1993 to help ensure the viability of St. Agatha Catholic School by providing sustaining income to offset the increased costs of providing a quality Catholic education. The original founders and volunteers went door to door to secure pledges from the community to support the school.Since its inception the Friends of St. Agatha Trust has provided nearly one million dollars in operational support for the school. This support has enabled our school to continue its mission and offer a Catholic education to those who otherwise lack the ability to pay full tuition.Generous gifts from the Wizer and Tennant Families have allowed the trust to evolve and offer income from a professionally managed investment portfolio in addition to the sustaining gifts given by our members. A volunteer board and manager help ensure that over 99% of all income is returned to the school.The Friends of St. Agatha Trust is available currently for those who are considering dedicated and legacy gifts to benefit our school. To donate, please click HERE >>.

Friends of St. Agatha Benefit Dinner

Annually, the Friends of St. Agatha hosts a benefit dinner to raise funds and awareness for St. Agatha Catholic School.


Organizers intend to raise money for the school through the generous financial support of those attending the benefit dinner. All proceeds from the dinner will go directly to benefit St. Agatha Catholic School, its students, school programs, and families in need of financial support.


Those attending the benefit dinner will play a critically important role in the success of St. Agatha Catholic School over the course of the school year. Simply put, it takes funds to provide an exceptional curriculum; to provide financial aid to qualiflying families; to provide unique educational offerings such as St. Agatha School's K-8 science and technology labs, art and music programs, and Learning Support Center; and to maintain the physical structure of the school itself.  Please go to for more information.

Annual Benefit Auction

The annual auction is St. Agatha Catholic School & Parish’s biggest fundraiser of the year. With a unique theme designed to inspire, it is completely organized and run by our parents. All funds raised go towards maintaining our mission of providing a Catholic education to our local community and sustaining current programs as well as creating new ones.

Annual Fund Campaign

As the cost of educating our students goes up each year we rely on generous donations from our parents, parishioners, alumni, business partners and friends to bridge that gap between what the actual costs of educating a St. Agatha student is and the money we receive from tuition. Part of our mission is to educate each child in the Catholic faith while keeping our tuition at an affordable level. The Annual Fund Campaign kicks off in October with our Alumni Dinner and continues until June. It is a wonderful opportunity for the community to give a gift of support to continue St. Agatha’s mission which began more than 100 years ago and has continued to grow each year since.


Scrip is a fundraising program in which you buy gift cards from local/national retailers and St. Agatha receives a certain percentage of money from your purchase. It is sold before and after school Monday thru Friday and after both Sunday Masses.


The annual Jog-a-Thon is an event that gives our students the opportunity to raise money for the school by going out and procuring pledges from their family and friends for each lap that they run. All money goes towards supporting existing school programs or special items that the school is in need of purchasing. The Jog-a-thon is for students in preschool through eighth grade.

Parents in Partnership (PIPS)

Parents in Partnership is our parent organization. They are in charge of all of our social fundraisers that encourage community and fellowship among parents and parishioners. Those activities include:

• Harvest Dance
• Movie Nights
• St. Patrick’s Day Festival & Parade

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