Our goal Is to provide a welcoming and loving environment in which young children will thrive and grow. In the classrooms we provide experiences, individual and group, which promote positive self-esteem, creativity, language development, fine and gross motor skills and physical fitness. In addition, we plan activities to foster environmental awareness, social skills and development of faith in our loving God and wonder at his creation.

  • Advanced instruction in addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.

  • Decimal and fraction concepts with an emphasis on equivalents, comparing, adding and subtracting.

  • Estimation & problem solving.

  • Area and perimeter of 2D shapes with an emphasis on estimation and measuring.

  • Algebraic relationships.


An Inquiry based study including exploration opportunities in:

  • Life Science Living things Ecosystems.

  • Earth & Space Science Earth Resources Weather Space.

  • Physical Science Matter Forces Energy.


  • Map, graphing, charting & data collecting skills.

  • Study of Oregon- Geography, regions,
    Native peoples, government, Lewis & Clark, and pioneers.

  • Comprehensive look at the Oregon Trail through various activities and experiences.




• Develop an understanding of relationships among God, humans, creatures & Earth
• Advancement of virtues, citizenship, ethics
& service
• A focus on the Ten Commandments
• Overview of the fourth liturgical year



A comprehensive theme-based program integrating reading, vocabulary, spelling, and writing. This program continues to build strong reading strategies through whole group and small group learning:

  • Identifying various literary forms and the study of literary elements & genre

  • Grammar skills and story-writing

  • Opportunities for oral presentations

  • Development of data gathering techniques & research writing skills

  • Integration of other subject areas, including technology, with literature and writing



Mrs. Johnsen has taught for over 15 years.  She feels most rewarded when she witnesses a frustrated student finally finding success and confidence in learning. 

At St. Agatha since: 2005


Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Western Oregon State College (now Western Oregon University)

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