KINDERGARTEN, Full Day Program


Our goal Is to provide a welcoming and loving environment in which young children will thrive and grow. In the classrooms we provide experiences, individual and group, which promote positive self-esteem, creativity, language development, fine and gross motor skills and physical fitness. In addition, we plan activities to foster environmental awareness, social skills and development of faith in our loving God and wonder at his creation.

Each child is treated as a unique individual and is encouraged to progress and develop at his or her own pace. Remembering that play is the work of a young child, an environment conducive to such is provided. Each child meets new challenges, works to understand and conquer them and in the process gains new insight, and skills in problem solving. These, we hope, will accompany each one on life’s journey. Guidelines and boundaries are set for the benefit of each individual and the safety of the group. Together we hope to grow in discovery, knowledge, love of life and learning.

The Kindergarten Student Will...
  • Cultivate the need to share and get along with others, while forming healthy relationships with one another and with God

  • Develop a love for him/herself, while learning problem solving skills and personal responsibility

  • Develop a love for learning through a variety of spiritual and multi-sensory methods

  • Practice Reading & Writing

  • Reading Street - A comprehensive theme-based program integrating reading, vocabulary, spelling, and writing. This program continues to build strong reading strategies through whole group and small group learning

  • Creation of student-made books that include the use of repetitive text

  • Music and movement & dramatic play and puppetry


An inquiry based study including exploration opportunities in:

  • Life Science Study of plants and animals Exploration of change through the butterfly

  • Physical Science Study of matter and how things move

  • Earth and Space Science Study of rocks, landforms and bodies of water the sun, moon, clouds and weather

  • Significance of holidays in our lives

  • Recognize and celebrate the existence of other cultures in our world

  • Principles of safety in the classroom, on the playground and in life

  • Empathy training and conflict resolution



Social Studies
  • Discuss current events

  • Identify traditions and respect all people

  • Distinguish between past and present

  • participate in community service

  • Identify and discover the relationship among neighborhood jobs, ownership, and money

Faith Formation
  • The Sign of the Cross

  • To pray to God with reverence

  • That God loves us and wants us to love others



Students use real materials that can be manipulated to develop fine motor skills as well as counting, graphing, comparing, estimating, and predicting. Children will learn the concept of probability and recognize the value of different coins using game based activities. The calendar is used daily to examine dates, months of the year, days of the week, number of days in school, special events, numeral writing as well as shape and numeral patterning.


Ms. Archambeault has taught since 2003 and she became a teacher because of her passion for education, art, and literature as well as her love of children. Ms. "A" loves writing, dancing, reading, hiking, watching foreign films and spending time with her family.


At St. Agatha since: 2006


Bachelor of Arts

University of Pittsburgh

Master's degree in Elementary Education

Portland State University


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