We believe that every child has the potential and desire to succeed academically. The Learning Support Center (LSC) is a program that supports creative and individualized learning within all grade levels, so all students can grow as learners.


The LSC is an in-school educational program that supports all enrolled students throughout their academic journey at St. Agatha Catholic School. There are no additional fees for the LSC.

The LSC uses a variety of instructional methods to support every student’s unique academic needs and learning styles.


Collaboration between the LSC Specialist and the classroom teachers allow for classroom coursework, set forth by the Archdiocese of Portland, to be accessible and meaningful to all students. The teacher and the LSC Specialist differentiate instruction and provide necessary accommodations for each child to be successful.


Who is Eligible?

All children who are current St. Agatha Catholic School students are eligible for referral to the LSC. Those students referred to the LSC by their classroom teacher, in collaboration with the student’s parents, will be evaluated and assessed by the LSC Specialist. Once assessed, the student will receive a specialized support plan to fit his or her individual needs. The LSC is available at no additional cost.

Key Support Programs

Individual / Small Group Content Area Support
qualified students needing more direct instruction in a specific area of curriculum may be pulled out of the classroom during a portion of the class day to receive individual or small group instruction at their instructional level. This individual / small group support will be in collaboration with the student’s regular subject curriculum in order to meet the learning needs of the student. 
If you are interested in more information or think your child could benefit from any of these supports, please contact Ms. Nelson, Learning Support Center Specialist, or call the school at 503-234-5500.








Ms. Nelson loves teaching all learners and watching them become successful students. She has a passion for swimming, watching college sports and writing letters to her friends.

At St. Agatha since: 2015


Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a Reading Certificate

Whitworth University

Masters of Education 

University of Portland


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