St. Agatha Catholic School is a faith-filled learning community committed to the academic and spiritual development of each child, fostering students who will be dedicated to a lifetime of learning, faith, and service.



St. Agatha Catholic School is rooted in the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church. In partnership with the parish we acknowledge the role of the whole community, family, and school in ensuring that each student reaches his or her full potential as a child of God. We recognize parents as the primary educators of their children. We value our educators who create an enthusiastic learning environment to develop the mind, body, and spirit of each child. Our program is directed toward the mastery of academic skills, while allowing students the opportunity to develop a range of individual talents and abilities contributing to the greater communtiy. We encourage and expect our students to work toward their academic potential, to serve others, and to grow in their faith.



As a St. Agatha Catholic School student, I...


  • Seek and Share Knowledge

    • I ask questions and communicate my ideas effectively

    • I produce quality work

  • Think Critically

    • I will put effort into solving problems in school work and with classmates

    • I will challenge myself to reach my potential

  • Organize myself and my work

    • I am prepared for class and turn work in on time

    • I show evidence of planning and thinking in my work

  • Respect and Serve God's creation

    • I am a responsible person who is accountable for my actions

    • I show concern for my community, diverse cultures, and the environment through my service

  • Model the Catholic Faith

    • Participate in liturgy

    • Reverently pray

    • Include others

    • Demonstrate knowledge of faith

    • Empathize with others