St. Agatha Catholic School middle school is designed to prepare students for what lays ahead … high school! Each grade has a homeroom where they go in the morning, get settled and start their day with prayer.  From there they move from class to class, subject to subject. With five basic subjects and four specialty subjects and an elective, there are seven periods each day.

6-7 electives are offered each trimester on a rotating basis. Electives are taught by St. Agatha teachers and specialists as well as guest teachers who are professionals in their field. 
Fiber Arts

Students have the chance to experience fiber arts. They will not only look into the fibers themselves but also what you can do with them. They will learn the basics of knitting, crochet, macrame, gimp, and friendship bracelets.


Battle of the Books

This is a fun elective for those who love to read and talk about books! Students will
be placed in teams of 4-5 and will prepare for a St. Agatha competition that will be
held in January. Questions for the competition will focus on various questions about
the content of the books that are a part of the 2016 Oregon Battle of the Books. The
winning team will compete at the regional competition where schools from all over
Multnomah County will gather. All team members will be required to read at least 4
books by competition time.


5K Prep

It's the perfect preparation for students' first 5K or to get them started on the road to
regular exercise. The best news? No prior running experience is necessary.  Students
un at Sellwood Park.


Number Devil

Students will experience the funny and fantastic story of a middle school student who
does not enjoy math and has interesting dreams that show him the beauty and power
of mathematics. The math concepts from the story are not covered in the regular
middle school classes, and are often complex ideas explained in a way that is easier
to understand. This class is appropriate for the curious, those who want to experience
"big ideas' about mathematics, have their brains stretched, and have a good time
doing it!

Study Skills

All 6th graders take this course as their 1st Trimester elective for Middle School. 

Our focus will be on introduction to Middle School academic skills. This class will give

you an opportunity to develop strategies/skills to succeed in your academic classes. We will be discussing learning styles, strengths and weaknesses, note taking, test preparation and taking strategies, and goal setting. In this class we will sometimes have an opportunity to practice some of the skills on homework and class notes. We will be laying the foundation for a fantastic journey of discovery.

Business and Entrepreneurship​​

The Business and Entrepreneurship elective will teach students about the basics of starting a business. Topics such as business models, marketing, and operations management will be discussed. Students will finish the elective producing their own business plans.


Our focus this trimester will be on Improvisational theatre. What is improv? We work
without scripts!  Explore strange new worlds, play exciting drama games, learn
valuable communication skills as you think on your feet, learn the basics of scene
development, and form an ensemble. No experience necessary.



Students will focus on elements and styles of dance. After a warm up each session,

students will learn a style of dance, such as jazz, ballet, or broadway. The class will then

spend some time learning choreography for a performance piece.

No experience needed.

Teacher Aide

A limited number of opportunities are available to help some of the lower grade teachers. Teachers may ask student aides to help with materials, read to students, work with a small group, or other classroom tasks. Students must be good listeners, follow directions well, and enjoy younger students!

Op Art

Op art works are abstract, with many created in black and white. Typically, they give the viewer the impression of movement, hidden images, flashing and vibrating patterns, or of swelling or warping. We will create 2D works of art that appear to be 3D to the eye, or give an optical illusion quality to the image.  This type of art is very precise from a measurement standpoint in order to create the desired effect. This allows us to make straight lines look curved and other fun effects!

Faithful Citizenship

This elective will introduce students to current events in politics and policy through the concept of “faithful citizenship” by which we are called to participate in civic life in a way consistent with our faith. Through in-class workshops, visits from Catholic public officials in Oregon, public speaking practice, and a final project, students will engage with cover three main areas of current events and consider how to immerse themselves in politics through the Church’s rich teachings on public life. We will tackle the complexities of contemporary current events, get our hands dirty with data and analysis, and ask what it means to have and pursue faithful citizenship in a complex world.


Mock Trial

Mock trial is designed to clarify the workings of our legal institutions for young people. In the mock trial, students portray each of the principals in the cast of courtroom characters. As the student teams study a hypothetical case, and receive guidance from volunteer attorneys in courtroom procedure and trial preparation, they acquire a working knowledge of our judicial system. Students participate as lawyers, witnesses, court clerk, and bailiffs.