St. Agatha Catholic School middle school is designed to prepare students for what lays ahead … high school! Each grade has a homeroom where they go in the morning, get settled and start their day with prayer.  From there they move from class to class, subject to subject. With five basic subjects and four specialty subjects and an elective, there are seven periods each day.

Middle School Religion


Key Areas of Study


The Old Testament

• Creation, Sin, Promise - The Bible, The World, and faith in the Lord
• Freedom and Covenant - Trust in Providence and the Covenant at Sinai
• Land and Kingdom - The Promised Land and special places of God’s presence
• Exile and Return - Speaking God’s Word, Prophets of Hope and Stories of Wisdom
• The Covenant and the World - Jesus, the Church and the Sacraments


The New Testament

• Authorship of the bible
• Divine Inspiration
• Inspiration and history
• The culture of Jesus and His times
• The Gospels- Four different points of view
• John the Baptist- Bridge between the Old and New Testament
• The Miracles, Parables and Teachings of Jesus
• The Origin of the Church


Service Learning

• Each grade level participates in service learning several times a year
• In addition to in-class participation, students complete independent service hours outside of school


Church History

• The spread of Christianity despite opposition

• The many changes in the Church during the 4th century
• Growth in the Church during the early Middle Ages
• Explore why the Crusades failed to achieve their objectives
• How the Church of the Renaissance survived crises and challenges
• Examine the Church’s response to the age of the kings and the Scientific Revolution
• Impact of the French Revolution on the Church
• Response to liberalism and nationalism in the 19th century
• Examine the growth of the Church around the world
• Appreciate the Church’s story in art



• Morality - Moral life, friendship with God, and grace

• Happiness - Beatitudes, and Ten Commandments
• Discipleship - Baptism and community of the Church

• Sin and Forgiveness - Original and personal sin, effects of sin, and Jesus and forgiveness

• Freedom - Conscience and first Commandment

• Sacred - Prayer, second and third Commandments

• Love - Family, Obedience, fourth Commandment and authority

• Life - Fifth Commandment, healthy self-love, sixth and ninth Commandments, sexuality, chastity, and modesty

• Justice - Seventh and tenth Commandments

• Truth - Eighth Commandment

• Virtues - Cardinal virtues and theological virtues

• Moral Life - Challenges, Works of Mercy, and Laws of the Church

• Decisions - Influences and steps in decision making

• Future - Vocations, priesthood / religious life, active and contemplative Religions

• Stewardship - Citizenship, service to the community, and Service Learning

• Theology of the Body - A Catholic Understanding of Human Identity, Vocation and Sexuality.



Prayer in all forms is emphasized in the Middle School - from traditional to spontaneous, from music to meditation, from the spoken word and formal liturgical prayer to the psalms and prayers of the heart. Students learn how to pray alone, in a small group within the classroom or school and in the church.





Ms. Nelson loves teaching all learners and watching them become successful students. She has a passion for swimming, watching college sports and writing letters to her friends.

At St. Agatha since: 2015


Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a Reading Certificate

Whitworth University

Masters of Education 

University of Portland


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My name is Mrs. Kirkelie. I am pleased to be your new English Language Arts and Religion teacher for 6th & 8th grade, and homeroom teacher for 6th graders! My career as an educator has been spent writing curriculum and teaching multiple subjects to English Speakers of Other
Languages in elementary schools over the past 8-years. Along with a Masters degree in Teaching, I have an endorsement in ESOL. I have enjoyed living in Portland with my husband, Greg and two children, Lillian and John. When I am not planning engaging lessons, I enjoy reading, playing my flute and doing art projects with friends and family. I am looking forward to
meeting you in the coming school year.

At St. Agatha since: 2021


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