Middle School social studies students hold the world in their hands, or at least the history of it. The three year curriculum covers a vast span of time from before man to modern America. While we move through the ages, students become well-versed in the cultures and geography of the world.

St. Agatha School’s social studies curriculum offers students an  interactive, supportive learning environment, with a focus on student-led learning, project based learning and immersive activities. Our curriculum framework helps prepare students to be creative thinkers and engaged and thoughtful citizens.  Social studies content is taught through an academic and skill-building lens, with an effort to build the following social scientific abilities:

  • Note-taking, summarizing, and margin noting

  • Information literacy with a focus on identifying viable online resources

  • Proper citation of text evidence, with a focus on in-text references

  • Seeing the past and its connection to the present through multiple perspectives with a focus on diversity/multiculturalism and Catholic Social Justice

Ancient History  
6th Grade
  • Early Humans and the Rise of Civilization

  • Ancient Egypt and the Middle East

  • Ancient India

  • Ancient China

  • Ancient Greece and Rome


Medieval to early Modern World History and Geography 
7th Grade
  • Europe during Medieval Times

  • Islam in Medieval Times

  • The Culture and Kingdoms of West Africa

  • Imperial China

  • Japan During Medieval Times

  • Europe’s Renaissance and Reformation

U.S. History; 1765-Reconstruction 
8th Grade
  • The First Americans

  • English Colonies in North America

  • Revolution in the Colonies

  • Forming a New Nation

  • Launching the New Republic

  • An Expanding Nation

  • Americans in the mid-1800s

  • The Union Challenged




I started my career as an 8th grade teacher in the Upper Moreland School in PA(just north of Philly), then moved to Portland in 2007 and started working at St. Agatha in 2008. Being a social studies teacher and librarian has been the perfect mix of history and reading. I have the privilege of knowing each St. Agatha student, from kindergarten to eighth grade by name, and am able to watch them grow and mature into amazing readers and scholars. My hobbies include camping as often as I can in an effort to soak up the beauty of the PNW, and of course reading! I also have boy/girl twins who keep me busy and who I also share my love of reading with!

At St. Agatha since: 2008


Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education

Pennsylvania State University

State Certified in Library Science


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