St. Agatha Catholic School middle school is designed to prepare students for what lays ahead … high school! Language Arts class looks to develop students' abilities in the area of reading, writing, public speaking and research. 

Key Areas of Study
  • Read and critique various types of fiction and non-fiction

  • Identify and analyze various types of figurative language

  • Appreciate other cultures through literature

  • Make connections between literature and self

  • Identify and understand the five literary elements

  • Mentor younger students through the use of "reading buddies"

  • Practice comprehension strategies

  • Practice listening strategies to comprehend reading material


  • Implement descriptive, expository, narrative and persuasive forms of writing

  • Compose, edit and revise various types of writing pieces

  • Compose a variety of letters, essays, poems and stories

  • Improve spelling and vocabulary through journaling and tests

  • Apply correct punctuation, spelling and grammar in all forms of published writing

  • Integrate technology by typing all final drafts on the computer

  • Practice grammar rules and usage

  • Illustrate a variety of writing pieces

  • Execute a variety of multi-genre projects to demonstrate fluency in writing


Public Speaking
  • Orally read stories, journals and poetry

  • Participate in choral reading activities, skits and plays


  • Choose and narrow a topic

  • Paraphrase and summarize information

  • Outline and prepare note cards

  • Document sources using a bibliography and footnotes

  • Analyze Primary and Secondary Sources


Our Goal

The goal of our middle school Language Arts program is to maintain high standards and expectations for all students.


Our graduates will transition smoothly to the high school of their choice, having mastered the basic skills of reading, writing, public speaking and listening. We recognize these skills to be invaluable.

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TEACHER: Maia Kirkelie


My name is Mrs. Kirkelie. I am pleased to be your new English Language Arts and Religion teacher for 6th & 8th grade, and homeroom teacher for 6th graders! My career as an educator has been spent writing curriculum and teaching multiple subjects to English Speakers of Other
Languages in elementary schools over the past 8-years. Along with a Masters degree in Teaching, I have an endorsement in ESOL. I have enjoyed living in Portland with my husband, Greg and two children, Lillian and John. When I am not planning engaging lessons, I enjoy reading, playing my flute and doing art projects with friends and family. I am looking forward to
meeting you in the coming school year.

At St. Agatha since: 2021


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