At St. Agatha Catholic School all students are given the opportunity to perform in a yearly Christmas and Spring program. Students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade participate in music class taught by a specialist two times per week. Middle school participates in Music one 45 minute period per week.

Overall Goals
  • Sing, play instruments, move to music and create music

  • Learn to read and notate music

  • Listen to, analyze and evaluate various styles of music

  • Participate in learning the music of various cultures

  • Music performances Kindergarten to Eighth Grade

  • Students will be able to sing alone and with others in a varied repertoire of music

  • Performance on instruments with focus on rhythm skills and learning basic notation

  • Listening to, analyzing and describing music

  • Improvisation on melodies, variations, and accompaniments

  • Composing and arranging music using technology and instruments

  • Students learn to play the xylophone/marimba, while following rhythmic pattern

  • Instruments include recorders and ukeleles.



Children meet every Wednesday before school

to prepare the music for our Wednesday
children’s liturgy. Open to grades 3-8.



Middle school students may choose to participate in Drama as one of the middle school elective opportunities. 3-8 students have an opportunity to perform as actors in the annual Christmas production. St. Agatha partners with the Young People's Theatre Project to bring an annual spring musical to life (2018: Aladdin; 2020 Mary Poppins). Open to grades 3-8.  

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