Our goal Is to provide a welcoming and loving environment in which young children will thrive and grow. In the classrooms we provide experiences, individual and group, which promote positive self-esteem, creativity, language development, fine and gross motor skills and physical fitness. In addition, we plan activities to foster environmental awareness, social skills and development of faith in our loving God and wonder at his creation.


Students use visual models, sketches and diagrams at increasingly complex levels to understand, invent and remember mathematical ideas. Units of study include; patterns and functions, story problems, addition, subtraction, strategies, place value, fractions and operations with larger numbers.


An inquiry based study including exploration opportunities in
• Life Science traits and behaviors of plants and animals life cycles habitats
• Physical Science states and changes of matter mixtures
• Earth and Space Science earth structure, weather and seasons resources solar system


  • Where food comes from.

  • Using mapping skills.

  • Cultural traditions.

  • The United States: The presidents,
    and national symbols.

  • Family, ancestry, cultural differences,
    people who have made a difference.


  • Prayer experiences.

  • Instruction and discussion about: The Trinity, the Commandments, the Church, Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist, Parts of the Mass, and Vocations.



A comprehensive theme-based program integrating reading, vocabulary, spelling,
and writing. This program continues to build strong reading strategies through
whole group and small group learning:

  • Focused instructional areas of Reading are Phonics, Vocabulary,
    Comprehension, and Response to Literature.

  • Writing instructional focus is on the Six Traits of Writing and the steps
    of the Writing Process.

  • Theme-based units integrate reading and writing and strategies.

  • Small group venues for learning and instruction include: leveled selections
    provisions for learning differences reinforcement of skills and concepts.

  • Whole group venues for learning include: Introduction of weekly concepts
    and skills Comprehension strategies Interactive participation using technology.



Amber Redoble is from Honolulu, HI. She loves being a part of the St. Agatha community. She also admires how the faculty, staff, and families are welcoming and supportive of each other.


At St. Agatha since: 2016


Bachelors in Education

Pacific University

Masters in Teaching

Pacific University

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