CYO Sports

The Catholic Youth Organization/Camp Howard has been in existence in the Portland area since 1946. CYO is a religious organization centered and committed to the dignity and worth of all youth; promoting physical fitness, positive mental attitude and spiritual growth as elements important in developing the whole person. CYO athletics exist to provide opportunities for youth to participate in activities under conditions that are safe, enjoyable and promote Christian attitudes of fair play and cooperation; all eligible youth are given the opportunity to participate with no try-outs or "cuts".


For additional information please visit the CYO website.

Performing Arts


At. St. Agatha Catholic School all students are given the opportunity to perform in a yearly Christmas and Spring program. Students in Kindergarten through Eight grade participate in performing arts class taught by a specialist two times per week.  Learn more >>>

Visual Arts


The goal of St. Agatha Catholic School's art program is to provide all students with a variety of opportunities to experience art. Students will learn art history by focusing on master artists. All students will learn by using the basic elements of art: line, shape, form, texture, color and space. All students will experience art using a variety of medium.  Learn more >>>

Service Learning


All students are encouraged to participate in community service. Middle School students volunteer a minimum of 24 hours per year through classroom projects and independent efforts within our community. Each classroom is in charge of their own service learning.  Here are some of the projects that each class participates in on a yearly basis. 


The Preschool students make a valentine tree for the Milwaukie Convalescent Center


The Kindergarten students sing for the residents of Milwaukie Convalescent Center as well as make decorations for Sellwood Landing


The First grade students raise money for Family Dogs New Life and Fences for Fido.  They also make dog toys and supplies for donation to these programs.


The Second grade students write letters to home-bound parishioners for all of the major holidays throughout the year, as well as for the summer holiday.


The Third grade students visit Providence Child Center for Medically Fragile Children 6 times per school year.


The Fourth grade students make cards for those who are ill or in need.  They also collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.


The Fifth grade makes cards for the elderly, Doernbechers Cancer Ward, and other people in need.


The Sixth through Eighth grade students go to the Oregon Food Bank, make care-bags for homeless, go to Sellwood Landing, write letters to servicemen/women, Heifer International fundraisers, Mac n' Cheese and Tuna Please for St. Vincent de Paul, gather toys for Randall Children's Hospital, book cleaning, backpacks for weekend meals, neighborhood yard raking, school / church grounds maintenance, volunteer for NW Children's Outreach, and participate in the peer tutoring program at St. Agatha.