“This is the most amazing school we've ever seen. The community has been wonderful, and supportive.”

Current Parent

"My amazing special needs son has been in 4 schools in 3 years before we found this amazing community.  My son is accepted and supported by staff, parents, and classmates.  When problems arise, the principal, learning support center teacher, classroom teacher, outside therapists, and I all work together to figure them out.   My son is happy and well liked, and enters schools with a smile on his face every day.   St. Agatha is a model of how to include special needs kids in a private school environment."
Former Parent
"All my children were given an excellent education at St.Agatha and have progressed to college, two receiving full academic scholarships to university. I credit the teacher's and staff at St. Agatha for developing in my children a love of learning and dedication to community service. The teaching staff is the real gem of this school. They are truly a united community. Dedicated to their students and inviting towards the parents. Whenever I had a problem with one of my children (which could some years be often ie. middle school) they were always helpful and kind."
Current Parent
"This is an amazing school. Teachers are excellent and the community is so warm and welcoming. The principal makes a special effort to get to know all the kids and their families. I think there are all different types of kids here and what unites them is their positive attitude and friendliness. The aftercare program is so helpful for working parents and I am grateful that my son is so well taken care of at this school."
Current Parent​​